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SAGA Bar – One Of The Most Exciting Techno Music Bars in Da Nang

Do you want to know where to find the greatest techno bars in Da Nang, one of Viet Nam’s most popular nightlife destinations? SAGA Bar will come to your mind when you want to have a great place for a nice techno party in this magnificent skyline city. This enjoyable location will provide a pleasant basis for techno music lovers. The bar really has something for everyone who is seeking a great place to chill and enjoy alternative electronic music songs in their own way.

On a bit cold night at the end of October, my friend and I wanted to find a new place that I have never experienced before to drink something that keeps us warmer and relaxed. So, she proposed that why don’t we try to visit Saga Bar, a new techno music breeze in Da Nang. I agreed with her immediately because I felt a bit tired of the bars playing on repeat songs with Vietnamese-style EDM. I needed a place where I could spend a wonderful weekend and share my stories in a comfortable way. It is fair to say that Saga Bar was like a magical gem hidden on one of the busiest tourist streets, An Thuong 10 Street. This street was really familiar to foreign visitors with a range of fascinating services from numerous high-quality restaurants to countless nightlife places.

Fluttering Feelings When First Coming to Saga

It only took us 10 to 15 minutes from the Golden Dragon Bridge to reach Saga Bar. The first thing that was impressive to me was a hazy fog coming out from the front entrance as well as the glowing cat symbol. At that time, the bar made me feel a bit mysterious and stimulated my self-discovery. At first glance, the bar was quite dark for me to observe everything clearly when I got into it. Maybe it was still new and to me, it needed more decorated candles or lights to have more sight. To kick things off, my friend and I decided to pick a sofa at the corner near the bar counter so that we could easily have more information about recommending drinks from bartenders. Fortunately, the owner also presented there and he enthusiastically gave us some good choices for our night. Before I got into the surreal revelry and had an exciting dance party with energetic DJs, I was for something stimulating my taste.

According to my preference for a bit sour and sweet flavored drink, he suggested me a glass of a cocktail called Dreams of Coco, one of its cool signature cocktails. It was a fruity cocktail made of rhum, coconut cream, mango puree, and fresh mint. After getting my order, one of the bartenders ingeniously proceeded in his own style. I was hooked by his smooth way of combining all ingredients into a tin with ice and shaking. Sometimes, he also showed me a few exciting bartending techniques. I thought he might be a juggling artist and he knew the way to make his customer laugh and be pleasant. After he strained the cocktail into a rocks glass with fresh ice, poured the coconut cream, and garnished it with a mint sprig, I knew my spirit was already ready for the party.

Remarkably Innovative Design

While sipping my unique cocktail, I had a great opportunity to chat with the owner. I asked what inspired him to create this awesome bar. He genuinely confessed that the idea of generating his own small jungle was actually kicking around in the back of his head for several years before he started. The owner of the bar would like to convey the beauty of the grand original nature to his brainchild, SAGA Bar. No wonder there were a lot of small pots of palm trees in every corner of the bar. That was why he made the bar’s logo which was caracal, a kind of jungle cat and also a symbol of liberal comfort. In addition, he also wanted this bar to harmonize with its natural surroundings and also insisted upon absolute freedom of mind for customers to free for talking about their stories, something like a speakeasy-style bar. That was also the reason why he gave this name to the bar, Saga. It means a long story about past events over a long period.

After our small talk, he offered my friend and me another shot of the bar called Jaggermeister. Time seemed to dissolve as I sit sipping the second drink of that night. At moments like this, it was hard not to fall for that vicious bite as an existential comfort that ultimately helped bring us together. The intriguing taste of the shot hooked me immediately. In order to reduce the bitterness from alcoholic beverages, we ordered some side dishes such as salted roasted beans and sugared desiccated coconut chips. These delicious snacks really made us less hungover and built up our stamina for the night ahead.

Appealing Techno Music 

After spending enough time drinking the wonderful shot, I caught the rhythm of techno music in this space. Techno music in the bar would not excite a sudden and devastating passion at first listening. The rhythm would gradually infiltrate my mind and wait for the explosion at midnight. Talent DJs played a lot of well-known songs such as Better Off Alone, Behind the Hazel Eyes, I Am Blue, etc. These songs really gave me a great deal of nostalgia for when I was a little girl listening to lots of this genre. This music really infused me a vigor after long exhausting work days. There was nothing that refueled me like the energy of a vibrant atmosphere and good music with loved ones. Near midnight, which was the best time for an exciting experience, my friend asked me to the dance area. There was a huge space enough for 10 to 20 people cavorting comfortably. Everyone was totally immersed in the vibrant atmosphere and swayed their bodies to the beat.

Dedicated Staff and Awesome Services

The staff there were really dedicated and friendly. They constantly offered drinking water to customers and also helped take some great photos for them. Another plus point was that the owner was very friendly and enthusiastic. He went around and constantly greeted customers, sometimes he even offered free drinks as long as everyone had a good time in Saga Bar. He also said to me that drunkenness reveals what soberness conceals. And he always prioritized the comfort that Saga Bar can bring to its beloved customers. 

All in all, I highly recommend you give this lovely bar a chance when you visit Da Nang because of its friendly atmosphere, and diverse and high-quality drinks at affordable prices.

Hours of operation: 7:00 pm – late
Location: 35 An Thuong 10, Da Nang
Hotline booking table: 093 477 33 43
Website: http://sagamusicbar.com/

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Quỳnh Nga
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