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12 Wonderful Experiences That You Must Try In Hoi An

Hoi An, a serene and small city, always makes visitors fall in love at the first sight. The beauty of it can not be put into words, instead, you have to experience it and drown in it. There is a myriad of things you can do to feel the soul of this city. In this post, we would love to recommend to you 12 must-try experiences in Hoi An.

1. Walking In The Hoi An Ancient Town At Night

The first one on the list is a simple yet unforgettable experience that you must try at least once in Hoi An. Hoi An ancient town at night is so colorful, with vibrant lanterns hung along the streets. You will feel romance in the air, and peace in your soul while you see the old architecture but in a modern shape.

But the true beauty of Hoi An is still the two sides of the Hoai River, where you can see the blur light on the surface of the water. When guests are no longer consistent, the city becomes fearless as it used to be in the old days.

2. Releasing The Flower Garlands On The Hoai River

Coming to Hoi An, a noteworthy experience that almost every visitor would love is releasing flower garlands on the Hoai River. Instead of observing, you will have a chance to make your own flower garlands and drop them down the water. These small twinkling lights will be a wish for good luck to your family and your loved ones. Flower garlands are also an indispensable feature of Hoi An, along with the lanterns.

3. Tasting “Cao Lau”- A Special Dish Of Hoi An

Hoi An, besides the serene beauty of old towns, is also famous for its food. One of the signature dishes that you must try when coming to Hoi An is “Cao Lau”. The dish includes Cao Lau noodles, barbecue pork slices, pork crackling, bean sprouts, lettuce, and herbs.

Talking about this dish, there would be a lot of interesting stories attached to it. People called the dish Cao Lau because in the old days, the traders going to business in Hoi An usually chose the “upper story” to taste the dish and look after goods.

Cao Lau is the signature dish that can be made only in Hoi An, and only in Hoi An, you can taste the authentic taste of the dish. That is because some ingredients must be taken there only. You can find a nice bowl of Cau Lau in the “Ba Be” store in the local market on Tran Phu Street, or “ Quan Hat” on Hoang Dieu street and other restaurants along Bach Dang Street. 

4. Savoring The Most Delicious Baguette 

In the article “Is Banh Mi Vietnam the best sandwich in the world?”, David Farley – a BBC reporter who specializes in travel and cuisine commented: “the bread in Vietnam is the most magical in the world”. He wrote that article after eating about 15 pieces of bread in different places in Viet Nam, including Hoi An. To try the unique taste of baguette in this city, you should check out popular stalls for foreign visitors like “Madam Khanh”, “Phuong” and “Ba Lan”.

5. Taking A Boat In The Hoai River In The Evening

What can be more romantic than sailing on the river and viewing the old city at night? Take your partner to Hoi An and experience the most famous activity for couples. If you do not have a lover, then going with your friends or your family will not be a bad choice.

6. Tailoring Fashion Garments 

Hoi An has many enchanting things to attract tourists, and one of them is the tailoring shops making pants, shirts, slippers,… get in the day. Some of the tailoring shops are so well-known for their unique and professional service. You can get everything you want there, after about 4 hours. The fashion style in Hoi An is so unique that it can hardly be seen elsewhere.

7. Bathing In The Flawless Beaches

Hoi An is home to some of the most famous beaches in the world, with pristine blue sea and glittering white sand: Cua Dai Beach and An Bang Beach. While Cua Dai Beach has long white sand beaches stretching, beautiful coconut trees and clear water, An Bang Beach is popular with its quiet atmosphere, high waves, and crystal water, where you can release your soul.

8. Visiting The Old Houses

Wandering around Hoi An, It will be a pity if you miss out on visiting the ancient houses, the priceless constructions preserved after years. Although the houses witnessed so many events like wars and nature destruction, they completely stand still and remain the same as they were before, both in architecture and the soul. 

The most popular ancient house is Tan Ky, which is the first national relic in Hoi An. The house is also a place that welcomes heads and abroad. Besides, there are so many other constructions in Hoi An that are so famous to visitors like Phung Hung, Quan Thang, or the Inns of Guangdong, Fujian,…. They characterized the architecture of Chinese houses and reminded Chinese traders to memorize their homes.

9. Diving To See Coral On Cham Island

One of the most attractive destinations in Hoi An, Cham Island, is where you should visit at least once. Cham island is famous for its wilderness, and travel services on the island are undeveloped. Yet, you will have a chance to get in touch more with nature and experience interesting activities such as diving and viewing coral, camp firing and enjoying fresh seafood.

10. Taking A Photo 

Needless to say, Hoi An is a paradise for Instagrammers because of its unique beauty. That is why the BuzzFeed website ranked Hoi An at No3 in the list of best places to take selfies in the world. Visiting Hoi An, be sure to take photos with landmarks such as An Hoi Bridge, the Japanese bridge, the legendary walls in Hoang Van Thu, Hoai river bank, alley lane wells …

11. Taking The Ferry Through Cam Kim

With only 2,000 VND, you can experience the feeling of floating on the water, and viewing the Cam Kim town on a local boat. There will not be other places in Vietnam where you could enjoy the cool breeze on the river, sit on the ferry and relax. The trip absolutely makes an unforgettable feeling.

12. Going To Hoi An On The Full Moon

If you travel to Hoi An during full moon month, especially on the 14th of the lunar calendar, then congratulation, you are a lucky visitor. On this day, Hoi An so stands out with the lights along the ancient town, lanterns and flower garland on the river. It will be a breathtaking sight for anyone who is in love with the peaceful feeling of the serene city.

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