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A-Kopi Coffee Roaster – The Perfect Start to a Friendship

Meet Ms. An and Mr. Cuong, the co-founders of A-kopi Coffee Roaster, a coffee brand gaining popularity among coffee connoisseurs in Da Nang. They are meticulous not only in their decorations but also in the quality of their drinks, food, and service, providing customers with memorable experiences on their coffee journey in Vietnam. Besides sharing fascinating stories about their coffee roaster, they also offer delightful tales about their bakery, enhancing the overall experience for their patrons.

A-kopi with a Unique Name

Ms. An, one of the owners of A-kopi Coffee Roaster, never imagined she would open a coffee shop, as it didn’t seem like a viable option. However, fate had other plans. Captivated by the fresh scent of coffee and meeting Mr. Cuong, a talented barista with a deep passion for coffee beans, she founded A-kopi Coffee Roaster. This venture is her brainchild, infused with the love and dedication she and her colleagues have poured into it.

“‘A’ in ‘A-kopi’ comes from the first letter of my name, An, and ‘kopi’ is spelled following the Korean pronunciation of ‘coffee.’ I found this spelling unique and appealing, so I hope it will make a good impression and attract attention when people first hear our brand name,” Ms. An shares in an amusing and friendly manner.

Simple but Not Monotonous

“When I first scoped out this location for our coffee shop, I was instantly infatuated by the view from the third floor and the peaceful atmosphere, away from the bustling street,” shares Ms. An. A-kopi spans three floors of the building, featuring a rooftop that offers a stunning view of the vibrant city center. The remaining two floors are equipped with air conditioning and adequate lighting from lamps and natural sources, ensuring customers have an ideal space to enjoy coffee, chat, or work comfortably without worrying about the hot weather of this tropical summer.

Inside A-kopi, this rising star blends modernity and comfort with a black-centered color scheme. However, it doesn’t feel dull. The black is harmoniously paired with green plants surrounding the building, brown wooden furniture, and yellow task lighting from lamps. The carefully selected colors enhance every detail of the space, bringing the interior to life. “Our coffee shop is simple but not monotonous,” Ms. An says with a warm smile.

The café serves its delights in a space that exudes a unique contemporary style, striking a balance between elegance and friendliness. “I hope it will bring a fresh coffee experience to Da Nang, attracting both locals and international visitors not only with our quality coffee but also with the welcoming atmosphere we create,” Ms. An continues.

“Oh coffee? Oh my friend!”

Besides the vibrant architecture, the soul of A-kopi Coffee Roaster is defined by its coffee and the skillful barista who crafts it, Mr. Cuong. His journey into the world of coffee-making began unexpectedly during his days as a journalism student. “Like many Vietnamese, I enjoyed coffee as a daily habit at local roadside cafes, finding solace in its energizing effects,” he reminisces. Over time, his natural curiosity drew him deeper into the realm of coffee beans, particularly Arabica and Robusta, prompting him to explore their distinctive flavors. “The original flavor of high-quality coffee is not totally bitter as many believe. It has a subtle bitterness, combined with a sweet and fresh taste, as coffee beans are the seeds of a fruit, the coffee cherry,” he explains.

As he dug into his research, he immersed himself in understanding the unique terrains of Vietnam that foster coffee growth, the intricate processes of coffee bean processing and preservation, and the crucial factors influencing their flavor profiles. From the fertile highlands of the Central Highlands, where beans thrive, to the meticulous methods and machinery needed for optimal taste extraction, he uncovered the complex art of coffee cultivation.

“When coming to A-kopi Coffee Roaster, I hope that my passion for high-quality coffee beans will not only mark a transformative shift in my career but also spread that love for coffee to as many people as possible. As our logo says, ‘Oh coffee? Oh my friend!’ I aim to introduce high-quality Vietnamese coffee to everyone, both local and foreign, as a greeting of friendship from A-kopi,” he smiles.

Five Main Ingredients Make Up the Café’s Soul

At A-kopi Coffee Roaster, the five main ingredients that define the café’s soul are coffee, cacao, fruit, matcha, and kombucha. “Besides coffee as our unparalleled star, I am constantly exploring ways to enhance creativity and culture in our offerings. Therefore, I focus on the four remaining sources to bring unique tastes to our guests,” Mr. Cuong reveals.

“Kombucha, an increasingly popular fermented tea drink, will be a standout at A-kopi. Instead of sourcing it from a third party, we create it in-house using fresh, carefully selected organic teas. With unique recipes that balance tea, sugar, and a SCOBY, we produce a slightly sweet, tart, and lightly carbonated beverage with a unique flavor,” he explains. He believes that the higher the quality of the drinks, the more benefits they provide to customers’ health at A-kopi.

As a brand from a country abundant in fresh fruit, A-kopi adeptly utilizes a variety of tropical and temperate fruits such as cherries, kiwi, citrus, mango, banana, and pineapple to make up their refreshing fruit teas. “Additionally, we prepare in-house herb jams using ginger, cinnamon, and anise for our specialty drinks. In the long run, we prioritize making our ingredients in-house to maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring our customers enjoy the very best in every sip,” Mr. Cuong claims with a bright smile.

“I don’t want customers to come and try only tedious and trivial drinks,” Mr. Cuong adds. “I want every drink on A-kopi’s menu to be good value for money.” This commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every drink at A-kopi offers a top-notch beverage experience.

A Nod from Customers with the Excellent Service

“Here at A-Kopi, customer-centered service is always at the core of our operations,” says Ms. An. “Under this commitment, our staff is trained with dedicated attitudes and undergo cross-training across various roles within our coffee shop. This approach ensures they not only understand customers’ needs but also gain a comprehensive view of our operations, fostering strong teamwork.”

“Although A-Kopi started off well-prepared, we still encountered a few mistakes. Thanks to valuable customer feedback, we have been able to identify and improve upon these areas of our service, thus we have now had a lot of customer visits,” she continues with a satisfied expression.

A-Kopi Coffee Roaster
Address: 83 Tran Phu, Da Nang
Tel: 035 239 2879
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akopidanang

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