Adjust the price of the boat service in Hoi An

Facing the messy price of the boat service in Hoi An, the city has decided to rectify the operation, especially the price of transporting tourist service.

On 29th June, Mr. Nguyen Van Lanh, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hoi An City – Quang Nam Province, said that he had just adjusted the boat service activities on the Hoai River.

According to Mr. Lanh, when tourism started to reopen on 3rd March 2022,  the City People’s Committee and related units implemented a plan to manage the boats transporting tourists on the Hoai River. However, the management has shown many shortcomings and limitations due to the sudden increase in the number of tourists after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, Hoi An City assigned the Executive Board of the Boats Union to guide and arrange for all boats to move into the activity area only until the session. The limited area is from the position of floating buoys to the Quang Truong bridge.

To rectify the price of the boat service, in particular, the City People’s Committee suggested Executive Board of the Boats Union decide the price of the boat service by issuing tickets for each denomination depending on the number of customers per trip. Issuing, controlling, and synthesizing tickets, and distributing nightly income must be conducted strictly, openly, fairly, and transparently by the agreement, free of fraud and negativity.

About the place of issuing service tickets: Agree to temporarily arrange a mobile ticketing table (not using plastic tables) located at the piers with the price of the boat service listed. It has to operate at fixed hours and ensure order and urban beauty.

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