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APEC Statue Garden Park – The Highlight In The Center Of Danang

Recently, In the planning and development map of Da Nang, the center area, particularly Hai Chau district and a part of Thanh Khe district, has been invested by the city government and communist party. Many large historical projects are being expanded and maintained, and new highlights of the city are being built.

At the beginning of 2022, the city put into use the expanded APEC Statue Garden Park and will soon operate the intersection through Tran Thi Ly Bridge, a work which is anticipated by the public. These projects will create a link between attractive destinations around Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, and the Museum of Cham Sculpture, the APEC Statue Garden Park…, which is located on the romantic Han River. Besides, they also open vibrant, peaceful and beautiful living spaces for locals. In the past few days of the Lunar New Year, thousands of visitors, both domestic and foreign, have visited this area, taken photos and relaxed at the shops along the street. This is the biggest proof which shows the attractiveness of the works.

In the future, when the large-scale Da Nang Museum is completely built on the old City People’s Committee or the City Square in front of the Administration Center building is done, Bach Dang street will turn into a massive area for tourism, a place that is classic yet modern.

It is said that the decision of developing all the headquarters with hundred-years-old works by building the Da Nang museum is brave, sensible and agreeable. The museum is not only located in the center area of the city, but it itself is so symbolic, so “Đà Nẵng”.

The formation of various tourism destinations in the center of Da Nang promptly has a close connection with the eastern area, the coastal Son Tra – Ngu Hanh Son and the western area, Hoa Vang district and Lien Chieu district. After that, a large scenery will be opened, and visitors who come to Da Nang will have three options: viewing the spectacular mountain site at Ba Na hill, Than Tai hill…. enjoying the sea at Son Tra – Ngu Hanh Son coast, or strolling and shopping along the romantic Han river at Han markets, Con market, museums, historical sites such as Dien Hai Citadel, Communal house of Hai Chau village, Nghia Trung Phuoc Ninh…

Therefore, the city’s center must be reconstructed and developed, bringing in a bustling atmosphere on several streets as well as quiet places for visitors to relax, to experience the beauty of Da Nang with two opposite shades: old and new.

For those reasons, the writer is thinking about some points: Firstly, the roads in the center area. Currently, local authorities are spending inequity investment for the center and suburban areas of the city. Many roads in the suburban area are significantly invested and reconstructed. Meanwhile, many main streets in the city’s center, which are the most crowded and bustling places such as Ong Ich Khiem, Phan Chau Trinh, Hoang Dieu, Hung Vuong, Ly Thai To, have deteriorated rapidly.

Secondly, the roads of trees and flowers. This is one of the major strengths and requirements of a city center area to impress visitors and travelers. However, the investment for planting and caring for trees and flowers is trivial.

Or like the policy of replacing trees like sycamore, bodhi on city roads is very rare. Many areas are under pressure from shops and businesses that prioritize spacious pavements, forgetting the need for trees along the street to keep the landscape beautiful and synchronous.

When it comes to flower streets, every New Year, Bach Dang flower roads are literally a treat for everyone. Regarding the fixed flower roads all year round in the city, folks have sometimes heard about several renovating projects, but haven’t seen them yet. While waiting for those flower paths, we should focus on arranging flower beds along the main roads all year round, not just seasonal. Or right on the Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, should we turn the middle lane of the bridge into beautiful flower beds? Due to observation, this space is very large and can be used to form stunning flower beds. Doing that is absolutely not difficult when the technology of preserving and taking care of trees is significantly improved.

Thirdly, parking and sidewalk order. This is considered an important point for the central area. Whether Bach Dang route should be for parking, or for transportation. Because at present, there are parking lots on Tran Phu and Phan Chau Trinh roads. Not allowing parking on Bach Dang route will create a clear walking space and form a new habit for locals and visitors.

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