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Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills – Danang

Located near Bana Hills, considered as one of Danang’s most famous checkpoints, it has been featured in foreign newspapers such as CNN and The Guardian, and has been listed at the top of international charts about new global wonders. Do you recognize the location mentioned? That’s right, Golden Bridge is the first thing that springs to mind, but what makes it so unique and well-known?

Brief progress of building The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge was officially launched in June 2018 and designed by a Vietnam architectural company, TA Landscape Architecture. The investors, Sun group, ask for architectural construction to connect cable stations above mountains, which seems impossible to build due to difficult topography and hazardous weather. The vice director of the company at that time, Mrs. Pham Thi Thuy, was inspired by spectacular mountain views and thought about god’s giant hands lifting a bridge, and she immediately shared her idea with her staff.

Before the construction, moving between the two destinations demanded shifting due to the considerable height difference between the two spots. Accordingly, a demand for a connector for better circulation is essential. The initial solution proposed by TALA was to build an elevated walkway between the two destinations; However, following a great issue of the land slope, TALA chose to pursue a distinctive track. Subsequently, the new design of the arched bridge is in harmony with its surroundings so that both artificial and natural elements could be integrated into the planning. The outcome is a spectacular 150-meter-long pedestrian bridge that looks like it is stretched out mid-air under the strain of colossal hands.

Unique Structure

The Golden Bridge is made of fiberglass and mesh wire, both long banisters are covered with gilded layers, as the bright light of the sun. There are 8 spans, the longest one is 21,2m long, the bridge is supported and lifted by 2 columns that are shaped as two hands which are filled with naturally little molasses; there is an interesting fact that these two hands are made from steel goods but it still brings the softness to people around. Furthermore, the golden bridge is built at a height of more than 1400 meters, surrounded by trees and mountains only, hence, tourists can take the whole look at the city and mountains and big trees. Furthermore, the Golden Bridge is not only for vision but a transition place from Marseille caple station to Thien Thai Garden and flower garden.

The bridge establishes a relationship with the delicate surroundings by absorbing its contextual palette of colors and materials. The selected golden stainless steel handrails, the timber deck, and the green bridge columns in the form of trees, altogether, give rise to color contrast. Furthermore, all the colors and materials used for the two hands were carefully selected to create a lifelike appearance of an aged ruin from the ground. The two giant hands were deliberately embellished with cracks and moss finishing.

What are the opinions of other people about The Golden Bridge?

The golden bridge, according to Mr. An, director of Sun Group, is a mountain god’s hands lifting a piece of silk, and so it is a valuable gift that the resort gives visitors. “Though this is a bridge, it is not over any rivers; rather, it is erected above a mountain like a long piece of silk plucked from the mountain and hoisted by gigantic hands,” remarked Mr. Ngo Quang Vinh, a prominent figure in Danang’s tourism business. Perhaps the Golden Bridge might be dubbed Vietnam’s Proud because it provides us with so many good things.

The Golden Bridge quickly became an Internet sensation on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram,… Online users continue to discuss the bridge and lavish praise on the remarkable structure. Korean travelers have been known to plan cable itineraries that include a walk across Golden Bridge. More than 20,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag #goldenbridgevietnam have been posted since the bridge opened.

Golden Bridge, for your knowledge, was searched and viewed nearly 16 million times on the popular Facebook fan page Amazon Things in Vietnam, and then gradually global newspapers such as CNN, The Guardian, and others covered the bridge. The bridge was described by CNN as a pair of huge hands lifting the ribbon-like Golden Bridge in the air in the Truong Son Mountains of Vietnam. Furthermore, an image taken at the Golden Bridge won the architectural photo competition held by the photo app Agora in May 2020, and the bridge was named to the Daily Mail’s list of new wonders on March 20, 2021.

Golden Bridge makes a stronger push for Tourism in Danang

At the end of July, two out of every three international visitors contact travel agencies to arrange a trip request to see the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, this interesting information is sufficient to demonstrate the bridge’s attraction as well as the new tourist attraction. Calendar for Danang

Looking at the impact of the Golden Bridge on Da Nang tourism, it can be affirmed that the way to bring Da Nang tourism in particular and Vietnam tourism in general to the sea is to invest in new products and experiences differently. And to do that, the strategic and creative role of big enterprises like Sun Group cannot be denied. Mr. Ngo Quang Vinh himself also emphasized: “The success of Da Nang tourism has a great contribution from Sun Group“.

Best time to visit The Golden Bridge

If you are now interested in visiting the Golden Bridge, let’s grab a ticket and a cab to get there. There are various kinds of tickets so please make sure you get the ticket you want. Before going to Bana Hills, check the weather forecast to see if the weather that day is nice enough to have a Bana hills tour since the location is higher than sea level, it is very dangerous for travelers to walk on the Bridge under cloudy, hard rainy circumstances. Last but not least, in case you are a type of person who likes taking photos without too many people, let’s do it at 7.00 as soon as the resort opens since there are few passengers, easy for you to take as many photos as you want without the crowd, or you simply love the sunset beauty, 5.00 in the afternoon is the perfect time frame for you. 

What should you bring?

Because of the difficult location and rapid changes in weather, travelers can experience four seasons in one day; therefore, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a thin coat are a good choice.

Drinks and snacks are not recommended because there are numerous cafes, restaurants, and food vendors along the route, so you will not go hungry or fatigued.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Golden Bridge in Danang is a popular weekend destination for families, Instagrammers, and photographers. Hopefully, the Bridge will maintain its natural beauty so that people who have visited it in the past can have a look at it and fully appreciate it.

Emma Nguyễn
Emma Nguyễn
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