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Tran Ke Xuong – The Well-known Bun Mam Street in Da Nang

When it comes to specialties in this beautiful coastal city, there are so many dishes that are worth mentioning. With a special and strong taste, Bun Mam had made a name for itself. From a rustic dish of Da Nang locals, it has quickly become a famous specialty and won the hearts of tourists when they have an opportunity to visit the city.

Although the ingredients are easy to buy and the cooking method is unbelievably simple, Bun Mam satisfies foodies from all over the world. Normally, Bun Mam is served in a bowl with raw vegetables put at the bowl bottom, followed by vermicelli, pork and carrot and papaya pickles. Finally, the cooks will sprinkle some chopped boiled young jackfruit, peanuts, a little chili, then add Mam Nem (a kind of Vietnamese fermented fish sauce) and a little oil to increase the fatness for the dish. Eaters just need to blend the ingredients and enjoy. The freshness of vermicelli, the fleshy of pork, the aroma of raw vegetables, the pungent taste of chili and the special taste of Mam Nem make the dish extremely attractive.

Traveling here, tourists can easily find a lot of places selling Bun Mam, from sidewalk eateries to luxurious restaurants. However, to enjoy the best flavors of Bun Mam in Da Nang, do not miss the Bun Mam Street – Tran Ke Xuong.

Bun Mam Street – Tran Ke Xuong

Address: K23 Tran Ke Xuong, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city
Price: 15.00030.000 VND
Opening hours: 6am – 10pm

It is called Bun Mam Street because there are about 10 Bun Mam eateries close together here. Each one has its own unique flavor but all are believed to server the best Bun Mam in Da Nang. These eateries are always full of customers since early morning until late at night. The services are good as well. The staff attentively support customers from parking vehicles to ordering. Diners will feel comfortable and satisfied when eating here.

There are quite a few options for you to choose. Vermicelli with boiled pork, roasted pork, baked rolls, fried rolls, etc. are all available. The fermented fish sauce is made with special recipes. Therefore, it has a very unique flavor that is unmistakable. My favorite dish is Bun Mam with roasted meat. Standing out on the white color of the vermicelli and the cool green color of chopped raw vegetables, the pieces of meat are golden with crispy skin. The roast pork is sliced thickly, bringing enjoyment to the eaters.

Bearing the culture of the Central people, Bun Mam Tran Ke Xuong is often intensely flavored with ‘tongue-slicing’ spicy taste, so many diners have to eat while sipping. Beside the main dishes, the eateries also serve many kinds of fresh, nutritious and cheap beverages such as centella asiatica, fruit juice, coconut water, lemon tea…

Located in Hai Chau district, with affordable and extremely delicious Bun Mam along with a cool, spacious space (with a large parking lot), Bun Mam Tran Ke Xuong has become a familiar and frequent address for local people as well as tourists from all over the world. Make sure to add this place in your bucket list when traveling to this livable city.

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