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Yen Valley – A Romantic Grape Farm with Picturesque Natural Beauty

Located in the heart of Nam Yen Valley, Yen Valley’s vineyard stands as a testament to one man’s passion and dedication to grape growing. Mr. Hien, the visionary behind this picturesque vineyard, shares with Da Nang Leisure about his incredible journey, considerable challenges, the unique, rustic charm of his vineyard in Da Nang, and his passion for sustainable fruit growing.

Early Influences and Mr. Hien’s Personal Journey to Yen Valley

Mr. Hien’s love for growing fruit began in his early childhood. He spent many years exploring new fruits in every corner of Vietnam. On a trip to Ninh Thuan province, famous for its grape growing, he was mesmerized by the vineyards cultivated by the local farmers. “The smell of fermenting grapes, the sight of endless vine rows – it was magical. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of this world,” Mr. Hien reminisces.

After his extensive journey, gaining knowledge of diverse techniques and philosophies of grape growing from experts in both Vietnam and Europe, he decided to establish an orchard combined with tourism amidst the natural beauty of Da Nang’s mountains and rivers.

In 2022, Mr. Hien took a leap of faith and established Yen Valley. “Starting from scratch was daunting, especially after the fierce COVID-19 pandemic. There were countless sleepless nights and extreme weather hurdles at the beginning of the trials. However, the vision of creating a vineyard that produced exceptional grapes kept me going,” he says. Today, Yen Valley spans more than 1 hectare, producing grapes celebrated for their unique flavors and quality. This hidden gem, located just 20 kilometers from the city center, also offers visitors a variety of typical tropical fruits.

High-Quality Grape Varieties with Sustainable Practices

Mr. Hien guides us through the meticulous grape-growing process. “Harvesting is a critical phase. We handpick our grapes to ensure that only the best make it to the hands of visitors. From planting to nurturing, every step is carefully monitored,” he explains. This attention to detail has earned Yen Valley a reputation for producing grapes with distinctive character and depth.

The process begins by preparing the soil in Da Nang and selecting high-quality vines in Ninh Thuan province. “We analyze the soil composition, choose vine varieties that are best suited to the conditions in Da Nang, and build Y-style frames to optimize the yield and reduce the loss,” Mr. Hien explains. Once planted, the vines require constant care and monitoring. “We prune the vines to ensure optimal growth and fruit production. It is a delicate balance that requires expertise and patience,” he adds.

After a year, the tree begins to mature and bear fruit. There are two main harvesting times: summer and fall. The vineyard team closely monitors their development over approximately 3.5 months each season. “We regularly check the sugar levels, acidity, and overall health of the grapes. Harvesting them at the right moment is crucial to ensure the best quality,” Mr. Hien says.

There are two main grape types at Yen Valley’s vineyard: Candy Grape and Ha Den Grape, each with its distinctive features. Ha Den Grapes are black with thick, seedless flesh, a mild aroma, and a high sweetness. In contrast, Candy Grapes resemble small round candies, each about the size of a small marble and seedless. The skin of red Candy Grapes is thin, unlike the thicker skins of other grape varieties, and their flesh is fragrant, sweet, and crisply satisfying when bitten.

In addition to high-quality grapes, Yen Valley offers a variety of tropical fruits, including longan, pomegranate, rambutan, mango, grapefruit, orange, guava, jackfruit, banana, and Vietnamese cherry. “I really love the fruits from the western provinces of Vietnam. That’s why I often travel there to explore and bring back high-quality seedlings,” Mr. Hien shares. Notably, Yen Valley features a unique purple longan with an appealing color and sweet taste. This special purple longan is also more resistant to pests and diseases than other types of longan.

No Sweet Fruits Come Without Effort, Pain, and Difficulty

Despite the vineyard’s success, Mr. Hien acknowledges the challenges in the first stage. “Two years ago, we faced one of the worst floods in Da Nang in October. This natural disaster caused severe damage to the vineyard. The water level rose halfway up the poles of the main house, so you can imagine how dangerous it was. Moreover, garbage from the mountains floated down to the vineyard, so we had to clean and organize the whole area,” he narrates with a hint of lingering terror still visible on his face.

“No one believed that our grapevines would survive that terrible ordeal. However, with persistence and a sense of adventure, we managed to recover the entire vineyard and produce a high-quality yield. Thanks to this obstacle, I gained insight into how challenging it is to be a farmer and produce fruit, making me cherish our product even more,” he claims with pride in his voice.

The Unforgettable Experience with Numerous Exciting Activities at Yen Valley

Yen Valley is not just about grapes; it is about creating an unforgettable experience. “We want our visitors to feel connected to the land and the grape growing process. From guided tours to private tastings, we offer a glimpse into the heart of our operations,” Mr. Hien says. The vineyard’s scenic beauty and warm hospitality make it a favored destination for fruit enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Visitors to Yen Valley can enjoy a variety of interesting activities. “We offer guided tours where guests can learn about the grape-growing process, from planting to harvesting, and they can also participate in grape picking and tasting during the harvest season,” explains Mr. Hien. Guests can sample tropical fruits produced on-site. “It is a chance for people to taste the fruits of our labor at reasonable prices, enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains, rivers, and flowers, and take a lot of photos with loved ones,” he adds. 

Additionally, Yen Valley hosts private events and parties, including weddings, birthdays, and team-building events. The vineyard offers a campsite and unique accommodations like triangle houses and a main house for guests. Everyone will enjoy a meaningful time, gathering around the campfire and sharing interesting stories under the refreshing summer breeze and the gentle hum of insects at Yen Valley.

Yen Valley
Tel: 0909370173
Website: http://yenvalley.vn/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VuonnhothunglungNamYen

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