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A La Mer – Outdoor Dining Restaurant with the World’s Best Ocean View in Da Nang

Craving a seafood feast with a huge, beautiful outdoor space in Da Nang? Look no further! Join us on a culinary journey as we explore one of the best seafood restaurants in Da Nang, A La Mer Restaurant. From classic grilled lobster with garlic butter to hot pot with fresh seafood and beyond, you will find something for everyone. So grab your appetite and let’s get started!

A La Mer Restaurant – The beautiful, colorful gem with the excellent My Khe Beach view

A la Mer” means “by the sea” in French. As its name implies, the restaurant offers you a stunning view of the ocean while you enjoy your meal. It is located at 260 Vo Nguyen Giap, the street with the most highly dynamic tourist activities in Da Nang. The street has a straight view of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, My Khe Beach. Along with its comfortable location, A La Mer Restaurant also immediately attracts everyone with its outstanding decoration, huge outdoor space, and vibrant atmosphere.

The decor is kind of minimalist and elegant, with a coastal or nautical theme that adds to the ambiance of the restaurant. The first thing that might capture your eyes is the elegant outdoor decoration. There is a wide range of tables covered full of flowers and candles, surrounded by rows of trees decorated with glittering lights. This is such a nice touch that will make your dinner much more romantic and intimate than you expect. A La Mer Restaurant provides a vibrant environment, with upbeat music and beautiful decor that creates an amazing backdrop for your meal. 

In addition to two main dining areas, one plus for this lovely restaurant is that it has a children’s playground with a lot of equipment such as slides and animal hoppers in its backyard. It is an outdoor area designed for you and your children to spend time having fun together after dinner.

A diverse menu of dishes from Western Cuisines to Eastern Cuisines

Exploring the best seafood dishes from around the world is a great way to learn about different cultures and their unique culinary traditions. Therefore, A La Mer Restaurant can satisfy your cultural curiosity with the rich flavors of Eastern dishes. The restaurant’s menu is typically seafood-focused – with an emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients full of tropical recipes such as Thai-style Spicy Tiger Shrimp Salad, Grilled Oysters with Cheese/Scallions Oil, A La Mer-style Crispy Seafood Spring Rolls, and so on. Moreover, A La Mer Restaurant also offers non-seafood options like premium steak.

Each dish has its own unique flavor profile that can be tailored to your individual taste preferences, making each experience truly special. We highly recommend Sesame Crusted Tuna Tataki Salad for your Appetizer. It consists of pan-seared tuna, red leaf lettuce, other aromatic herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. The combination goes well with toasted sesame sauce that has a savory-sweet flavor. Moreover, the slightly ferrous savor of tuna will entice you a medium-bodied, lightly spiced wine, which is a perfect match.

Next, we recommend three solid choices for your main dishes Baked Salmon Fillet with Salted Egg Sauce, Thai-style Steam Chip Chip (one of the most popular clams in Da Nang), and Grilled Oysters with Scallions Oil.

Baked Salmon Fillet with Salted Egg Sauce is a delicious dish that combines the mild, flaky texture of salmon with the rich and savory flavor of salted egg sauce. When you put a piece of salmon in your mouth, it seems to be melt quickly, leaving a fresh, fragrant aroma on the tip of your tongue.

The next one is Thai-style Steam Chip Chip, a popular dish made with fresh clams, herbs, and spices. This fresh dish is everything you can expect for a tropical cuisine full of addictive flavors such as spicy, sweet-and-sour, and aromatic. 

Whenever you have a chance to visit this lovely coastal city, you cannot miss out on the favorite dish of local people, Grilled Oysters with Scallions Oil. The oysters in A La Mer Restaurant are processed carefully so that it still contains a plump and springy texture. Make sure to bring you the most nature-sweet, freshest seafood dish. The top is garnished with extremely aromatic scallions oil, crispy fried shallot, and smashed roasted peanuts. How can you resist this succulent seafood dish?

The restaurant also offers a selection of wines, cocktails, beers, fresh fruit juice, and smoothies to complement the menu, with a focus on light and refreshing drinks that pair well with seafood.

Standard Prices, Outstanding Service

A La Mer Restaurant emphasizes the importance of providing high-quality service to customers while maintaining affordable and competitive pricing. You will receive great value for your money and expect a high level of service. We pretty much like the good service the restaurant offers. All staff are really attentive, courteous, and helpful. They are always ready to make sure you have the best experience possible and your wonderful evening runs smoothly. This makes the restaurant the perfect spot for an evening out in Da Nang.

For those looking to experience a restaurant with the beautiful My Khe Beach view with an energetic and vibrant atmosphere, A La Mer Restaurant definitely will be a great option. The restaurant offers vibrant non-seafood dishes to succulent seafood dishes along with a wide range of beverages such as wines, beers, cocktails, and fresh smoothies. This lovely outdoor dining spot offers an excellent culinary experience that can truly please any palate. A La Mer Restaurant is an easy choice for a dinner place to celebrate a special occasion that has excellent service.

With its exceptional seafood dishes, romantic setting, and excellent service. A La Mer Restaurant is a worthwhile visit for your remarkable, exciting vacation in Da Nang! Bon appétit!

A La Mer Restaurant Information:
Address: 260 Vo Nguyen Giap, Da Nang
Tell: 088 802 62 60
Mail: alamer.danang@gmail.com
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/alamer.vn
Website: https://alamer.vn/

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