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Jeremy’s Kitchen – Best donuts in town

If you enjoy sweets or want to try Western breakfast options like tacos or waffles, Jeremy’s Kitchen is a must-visit location while being in Da Nang. The bakery’s founder is from the US, therefore the food and drink here will undoubtedly taste authentic. Explore with Danang Leisure today!

About Jeremy’s Kitchen

Jeremy’s Kitchen is a modest, ordinary-looking bakery with delicious desserts situated on Tran Khanh Du street in the An Thuong area close to the sea.

renowned for its eye-catching drinks, ice cream desserts, and donuts with American flavors. You will have various options when you visit Jeremy’s Kitchen, from breakfast to delightful desserts.

Jeremy’s Kitchen offers a wide variety of sweet dishes, but its best seller is still its donuts, which come in a wide choice of flavors. Additionally, the cake decoration is uncomplicated but exciting. Additionally, there are refreshments, ice cream, and seats.

The story behind an American restaurant

Jeremy came to Đà Nẵng in 2015 and started baking to fill up his free time, he had no previous experience or culinary training. People started wanting to buy what he was experimenting with, and slowly the idea for a business started to form. Jeremy quickly learned the recipe for good food is simple yet abstract… Over the next three years, Jeremy and his team sold cakes online and slowly learned the ins and outs of baking. Everything has culminated in the opening of their first physical location in Đà Nẵng, a sit-down cafe located near the beach. With a fresh selection of donuts, cakes, and various desserts, as well as tasty American-influenced savory snacks, they’re bound to have something for everyone.

Donut in Jeremy’s Kitchen

Every day, Jeremy’s Kitchen makes fresh batches of donuts in a variety of flavors. Every two to three weeks, the donut menu will be updated. You must at least once experience the flavors of Apple Fritters Donut with green apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar; Cherry Fritter Donut, which consists of a cake with cherries included in it and a cherry glaze on top, and Coffee-glazed donut with coffee crumble Speculoos cookie crumbs with meringue as a garnish.

The donuts in the donut at Jeremy are larger, softer, and still hold moisture inside. The caramel layer’s crust or the sugary top layer’s crust is a little bit crispy. The cake will still have that delicious donut-like sweetness without being overly sweet.

In addition to Donuts, the bakery also sells brownies and other sweets. I wholeheartedly endorse this cake. The cake is soft, slightly chewy, and moist but not overly sweet. A layer that resembles caramel is applied to the exterior, enhancing the flavor. From the first taste, the cake is incredibly chocolatey and a little bitter, but you’ll subsequently notice sweetness and a chocolatey scent.

Cinnamon Rolls  – a classic dessert 

Cinnamon Rolls are generally among Jeremy’s Kitchen’s top sales. The cake has a strong cinnamon flavor, is soft and slightly spongy, and is a little bit sweeter than a donut. Cinnamon Rolls, however, are a beloved sweet dish for dessert lovers because of the aromatic cinnamon flavor, the inclusion of a little ginger, and the sugar caramel layer.

The classic cake, cinnamon rolls, is well-known. This cake has not been altered at Jeremy’s Kitchen in the last 8 years. A time-tested favorite that tastes different when combined with cream cheese.

The Birthday Cake

It is expected that Jeremy’s Kitchen would have brilliantly decorated birthday cakes. The greatest ingredients that can be obtained in Vietnam, such as Arabica coffee beans harvested in Lam Dong, processed into powder, and brewed for new cakes, are always used by Jeremy’s Kitchen. Local farmers south of Hoi An grow the sugarcane used to make the 65% Sampan Rhum and the native cocoa powder, accordingly, in Dak Lak.

One more thing that impressed me is they have worked with local suppliers to source the freshest and most authentic ingredients and use old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality.

A cake combining components from Vietnam and the flavor of America. Cake designs are always supported at Jeremy’s Kitchen upon request and for the convenience of the customers.

For every special event, chocolate cakes or Vietnamese tiramisu are good options.

Menu in Jeremy’s Kitchen 

For breakfast, Jeremy offers his customers a wide range of options, from smoothies to specialties like tacos, burritos, and chicken and waffles. Breakfast is prepared in the Western style, but also fairly suited to Asians.

Given the quality of these Western breakfasts, it’s no surprise that this is one of the go-to restaurants for Western diners who want to recapture the flavor of home cooking with a strong family flavor. When compared to the original dishes from the US, the cuisine at Jeremy’s is well regarded and has practically great taste.

A huge array of food is available at Jeremy’s Kitchen, including breakfast dishes, desserts, birthday cakes, and even ice cream. Includes 8 distinctive ice cream flavors that are entirely homemade without the use of artificial flavors, syrups, or food coloring.

One of the specialty drinks available here is the milkshake. For American-style lunches, specialty drinks are a basic requirement.

Service in Jeremy’s Kitchen

The room isn’t very big, the seating area is on the right, there are cake cabinets on the left with many selections, and behind that is the kitchen, which daily provides delicious and fresh cakes.

The way in which the restaurant was served and decorated both greatly impressed me. The store is fairly little, yet it is spotless, has a distinctive white color, is airy, and gives off a friendly vibe.

The staff here is very welcoming, offers detailed cake advice, speaks English well, and their enthusiasm has brought us back numerous times.

After purchasing the cake, we stayed inside the store for a while, but the staff was happy to provide water, towels, and eating utensils.

Address: 82/3 Trần Khánh Dư, Mỹ An, Đà Nẵng.
Open time: 7 AM – 7 PM, every day
Hotline: 0935.155.085

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