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Da Nang moves towards the “City that never sleeps”

With the operation of night entertainment activities, Da Nang is gradually and successfully stimulating the demand for tourism activities, awakening the night economy.

Night tourism helps economic development

In recent times, Da Nang has organized a lot of night activities such as night concerts, Da Nang’s street carnival, and music performance festivals. They have pushed other activities at My An night beach, An Thuong walking street, Helio night market, Son Tra night market, Le Duan night market, and fun places entertainment on both sides of the Han River. They also add more days of water/fire spraying on Dragon Bridge on Fridays besides Saturdays and Sundays. This improvement has brought exciting and memorable experiences, successfully attracting tens of thousands of visitors every day. It is gradually restoring tourism activities and helping people and the city develop the economy.

According to the assessment of the Da Nang tourism industry, since Danabeach’s night entertainment and entertainment complex at My An beach has been in operation, this place has attracted a large number of people and tourists to have fun and experience exciting services through the night. Preliminary statistics, in the current peak tourist season, this complex welcomes more than 10,000 visitors on average every weekend. This is a positive signal in the context of the city’s accelerated recovery after the pandemic.

A diversity of night activities to attract tourists

When coming to Da Nang city, visitors do not need to move to many places. All tourism services such as dining, bars, pubs, lounges, massage, and karaoke are focused at one location An Thuong pedestrian street and My An night beach. Newly exploited night tourism activities will satisfy the needs of “playing until morning” visitors.

Tourism services in Da Nang are things that all tourists like me are always looking for. Because when I come to the coastal city on this occasion, if compared the city with Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang has many more interesting places with open space, tourism products and services are built adjacent such as My An night beach. You can drink coffee, sit and eat right on the beach, and behind is a mini-bar,” shared Ms. Dong Nha Quynh, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Tran Dai Nghia – Deputy Head of the Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula (Da Nang) shared that the new tourism service at My An beach and An Thuong neighborhood is one of the bright spots in the nightlife proposal of the economic development of the city. This is a combination of the city, the sea, unicity, vibes, and colorfulness.

My An night beach and An Thuong walking street is a combination of the city and the sea. A vibrant, unique, and colorful place with many new types of tourism services, welcoming numerous tourists. Tourists come to visit, have fun, and experience many services,” Mr. Nghia said.

Mr. Cao Tri Dung, Chairman of the Da Nang Tourism Association, said that it is necessary to focus on developing rich, diverse, and complete night tourism services, which are an important pillar to develop the economy. In the past time, the city has invested in many important items. However, to make Da Nang a center of high-class tourism, more investment, and pieces of the puzzle are needed for the city’s night tourism to completely develop.

According to the Chairman of the Da Nang Tourism Association, if compared with other provinces, the nightlife entertainment services of Da Nang have basically been completed. There are more prominent than the localities. However, Da Nang still needs lots of other class activities to attract tourists such as the successful show “Hoi An Memories” of Quang Nam province.

The city needs to invest in more nightlife activities such as Bach Dang walking street, more large shopping centers, and duty-free products to stimulate consumption and attract businesses to participate. Especially, there are more large, monumental, and classy art shows. These are all contents in the city’s development plan that will help the city’s night tourism ecosystem reach out,” suggested Mr. Dung.

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