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Hoa Bac – The Wildland And Peaceful Countryside

Young people are increasingly attracted to Hoa Bac (Hoa Vang – Da Nang) as a tourist destination because of its beautiful natural surroundings, which make it feel like you’ve escaped the busy city and are lost in the old countryside. Utilize Danang Leisure to explore Hoa Bac!

The way to move to Hoa Bac

Hoa Bac is located around 30 kilometers (km) northwest of Da Nang’s downtown. Motorbikes and cars are also acceptable modes of transportation for visitors. But to really experience this road’s natural beauty, we strongly advise everyone to ride a motorcycle.

Visitors can locate this location by following the directions provided by Google Maps from the city center of Da Nang towards the Hai Van Pass. In addition to its tranquil environment, Hoa Bac offers guests the chance to explore exceptional locations such the Hoi Yen church, Yen Retreat, Cu De riverside, and Pho Nam cable-stayed bridge.

About Hoa Bac

Hoa Bac is a piece of land remote from the city, close to the peaceful Cu De river, and at the base of a mountain.

One of Da Nang’s most attractive roads is the route to Hoa Bac. Visitors will see how the countryside, which is filled with verdant farms, expansive woodlands, and distant hills of the Bach Ma range, changes from the hectic, crowded metropolis.

This location’s beautiful environment, cool climate, rivers, and mountains make it the perfect summer escape for picnics and evening runs outside of the city to see the sun set.

Cu De Riverside

The Cu De river, which has the Nam O estuary to its downstream and the river in Hoa Bac commune to its upstream, is an interesting location but it is what makes Hoa Bac unique from other places. This river flows and turns at the base of the mountain, carving a wonderful path that leads to the sea and gives the area a affectionate scenery appeal.

Camping by the river and SUP (stand up paddle boarding) are popular local activities. This location is ideal for gathering with family and friends for a picnic on a weekend afternoon. It has a large, green lawn and is close to a peaceful river.

Place a barbecue adjacent to the tent you’ve set up on the lawn so you can enjoy some BBQ time. You may stand up paddle boarding (using SUP) on the river in the afternoon while you wait for the sun to set. It’s also a fantastic decision to spend the evening in such a peaceful setting with friends as you enjoy. A worthwhile experience to try is early morning paddling on the Cu De River when the sun will rise behind the mountain peak and cast shadows in the riverbed.

Vung Bot

Vung Bot is the Cu De River’s source stream, which originates from the base of the majestic Truong Son range and joins two groups of North and South rivers.

At Vung Bot, visitors can camp overnight, go fishing, catch shrimp, and take a wash in a creek at. Traveling with locals who are familiar with the stream will make visitors safer. The best time for travellers who want to camp is from 2 p.m the day before to the next morning.

Since Vung Bot hasn’t been heavily developed as a tourist destination, the natural beauty still exists. Visitors can easily locate and enjoy a day by the stream according to the directions provided by Google Maps to the location “Vung Bot.”

Hoa Bac is a safe, interesting place to visit. Where we may go back to every day to take in the vast corn fields, tranquil rivers, and smoke from burning fields or just a house burning the stove while being in the quiet countryside to cook the rice.

Kim Đan
Kim Đan
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