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Hoi An Introduces Compulsory Ticketing for Tourists

Tourists visiting Hoi An’s ancient town will be required to purchase an admission ticket, even for a simple stroll

Starting from May 15, all tourists, both domestic and international, will be required to purchase a ticket at designated ticket counters before entering Hoi An’s ancient town. The local residents will be provided with a separate lane for entry. This plan was announced on April 3 by Nguyen Van Son, Chairman of Hoi An City People’s Committee in Quang Nam Province.

According to the plan, the admission ticket will be priced at 80,000 VND ($3.5) for domestic tourists and 120,000 VND ($5.2) for international tourists. The ticket counters will operate from 7:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m. during the summer and until 9 p.m. during winter. Law enforcement officers will segregate the tourists and locals into separate lanes at the main entrances to the ancient town.

The implementation of the compulsory admission ticket for all visitors to Hoi An’s ancient town aims to ensure fairness for the locals and all visitors. According to the decision to recognize Hoi An’s ancient town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the entire landscape of the ancient town is considered as a cultural heritage site, not just any particular monument.

In addition, the revenue generated from selling admission tickets will be utilized for heritage conservation, infrastructure improvement within the ancient town, organizing tourism events, and supporting the locals in renovating their houses. Therefore, all visitors to Hoi An have the responsibility to purchase an admission ticket.

Those visiting the ancient town for work at businesses or restaurants will not be charged, but they must comply with the intended purpose. If caught visiting without an admission ticket, they will be penalized” said Chairman Son.

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