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Da Nang Paragliding Tournament 2023 – Flying over Tien Sa Port

In 2023, the Danang Open Paragliding Tournament will take place with the participation of 120 athletes from 17 clubs in the country. This includes paragliding teams from Laos and Thailand.

On July 29, the Da Nang Department of Culture and Sports opened the 2023 Da Nang Open Paragliding Tournament at Tho Quang Beach, Son Tra district, with the theme “Flying on Tien Sa Port.” These are activities in the program “Wow DanangSummer Festival 2023.

The 2023 Danang Open Paragliding Tournament has the participation of 120 male and female athletes from 17 paragliding clubs across the country. Da Nang has 30 athletes from two Da Nang paragliding clubs and Son Tra paragliding clubs participating in the competition.

Furthermore, this year’s tournament includes paragliding teams from Laos and Thailand who will be showcasing their motorized paragliding skills.

Athletes will compete in two events, precision landing for non-engined paragliders and motorized paragliding demonstrations. The take-off location is at Son Tra peninsula, and the landing is at Tho Quang Beach, with an altitude difference of 600m above sea level.

According to the Organizing Committee, the conditions to participate in the tournament are that Vietnamese and foreign paragliders are in domestic paragliding clubs. Moreover, the mandatory condition is that all athletes must have body part insurance, and medical insurance during the competition.

The individual score is the sum of all the points that the athlete has achieved after three valid flights. The winner will be the athlete with the lowest total score of all rounds in the competition. There are three prizes, men’s and women’s individual, men’s and women’s team, and Fun Fly event.

Mr. Pham Tan Xu, Deputy Director of the Danang Department of Culture and Sports, said that this is an annual tournament and one of the first in Vietnam. After a period of interruption by the COVID-19 epidemic, the preparation for the tournament faced many difficulties. However, this year’s tournament has been carefully prepared with the courage, enthusiasm, and efforts of the unit and the members of the city’s paragliding clubs.

Many pilots have been here to experience flying at this point many times. The Da Nang People’s Committee has approved a pilot project of Son Tra’s flying point to develop the flying point, promote the city’s image, and create new and attractive sports tourism products,” said Mr. Xu.

It is known that the Danang Open Paragliding Tournament in 2023 aims to test and evaluate the technique of Son Tra flight point and the ability to organize and operate the paragliding tournament of the Da Nang paragliding club, contributing to further promoting the development of paragliding in Vietnam and increasing integration with paragliding sports activities of countries in Southeast Asia and the world.

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