Nguyen Van Troi – Tran Thi Ly Bridge – Historical Witness of Da Nang city

Visitors visiting Da Nang must have a solid mental impression of stunning and distinctive bridges like the Dragon Bridge, the Han River Swing Bridge, or the Golden Hand Bridge in the Ba Na Hills. There is a bridge, though, that is a local favorite, although few people are likely to see it. The Nguyen Van Troi and Tran Thi Ly  Bridge is a famous hangout for local youth and a historical witness to Da Nang’s as known urban development.

History of Tran Thi Ly and Nguyen Van Troi Bridge

1. About Nguyen Van Troi Bridge

With a total length of 513.8 meters and no pedestrian walkway, it was constructed in 1965 by the American contractor RMK. For the US military to run a violent war machine in Central Vietnam, this is the first road bridge to cross the Han River, carrying war weaponry from Tien Sa port to Da Nang’s downtown area.

Numerous sources indicate that the Nguyen Van Troi bridge was not previously given a name. General knowledge sources claim that previous to 1975, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge was known as Nguyen Hoang in honor of the first person to open the realm to the South successfully.

The bridge was named Nguyen Van Troi in honor of Quang Nam hero when the country was united. Before the Han bridge was put into operation in the year 2000, this bridge was promptly repaired to fulfill people’s transportation needs and served as an important road connecting the East and West banks of the Han River.

2. About Tran Thi Ly Bridge

The first Da Nang Bridge was authorized in 1951, to be built adjacent to the existing bridge which separated Da Nang East from Da Nang West. The new bridge – De Lattre de Tassigny Bridge was designed for multiple parallel bridge spans, each having a 24′ roadway. Only one span was installed; the second span was to be added in the future if needed. The total length was 1,680 feet between abutments, with 13 piers in the river. The bridge elements were prefabricated at Poro Point, Philippines.

In Da Nang, all streets with French names had been altered by 1955 to their authentic Vietnamese names. As a result, Trinh Minh The Bridge, a general in the South, was given a new name for this special bridge in Da Nang that crosses the Han River.

In June 1966, Trinh Minh The Bridge was repaired. Work on the abutments and piers began in September 1967 and the bridge was completed and in use within 10 months.

Few people are aware that the De Lattre de Tassigny Bridge has changed to the Trinh Minh Bridge because the former name has become common knowledge. Trinh Minh The Bridge was changed to Tran Thi Ly Bridge in 1975.

The original Tran Thi Ly bridge was destroyed in 2003 and was rebuilt by a new one with European-inspired architecture and design. The bridge has a shape similar to a huge sail that is facing east and appears to be reaching out to the ocean.

Years well after liberation, Da Nang has transformed into a more modernized, developed city. Numerous new urban developments have emerged in response to the changing environment, and more and more bridges over the Han River with more brilliant and magnificent designs, such as the Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Dragon Bridge, and Han River Bridge, have been created. Nguyen Van Troi and Tran Thi Ly bridges, on the other hand, continue to be quiet and peaceful, and they have developed into must-see destinations for both residents and visitors.

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