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Vinahouse In A Nutshell and All You Need to Know About It

You probably have heard about Vinahouse but have no idea what it means? Then don’t worry, this article will provide you with the needed information.

Vinahouse meaning

Vinahouse is a branch of the House genre, which appeared in the 1990s. At the beginning, it was commonly called “nhạc bay”, “nhạc sàn”, “nhạc vũ trường”. Later, people in the business officially named it Vinahouse – the house music made by Vietnamese people.

In its essence, Vinahouse is EDM played with high speed. It can be up to 140 bpm but with a simple rhythm, often bringing a fresh tune and easy on the ears. Vinahouse can be applied to any kind of music genre such as pop, rock, country,….

The history of Vinahouse

Before becoming overground, Vinahouse came in the form of remixes of Vietnamese hit songs at that time. One of them was a track named “Tình phai” by DJ Hoàng Trọc and DJ Alan Tian (a Singaporean). It was the song that opened up the road to the birth of Vinahouse.

But the revolution of Vinahouse only really broke out in the middle of the year 2009, when the tide of DJs came in and hit the Vietnam music industry shore. Many forums about DJs were born and received much attention such as DJ Club, Club DJ vn, beat.vn, vn88,… This offered great opportunities for music producers and DJs back then. The fire starter was the fact DJ Thiên Hí acquired the remix of “Thank you” – Dido that was produced by DJ/Producer Sawmachjack.

In the year 2011, at Heineken Countdown event in Hanoi with more than 40.000 participants, DJ Wang performed two Vinahouse tracks which were “Nếu như anh đến” original by Van Mai Huong, remixed by DJ Trieu, and “Bay” original by Thu Minh, remixed by DJ Daniel Mastro. The genre then was well received by the public.

Having been through many ups and downs, Vinahouse now has a certain spot in the heart of electronic music lovers and the music industry. Many Vietnamese singers have collaborated with DJs to make great remixes or to produce new Vinahouse songs. With its happy and brisk characteristics, Vinahouse often appears in places such as bars, clubs, stages, parties, and events,…

Concepts related to Vinahouse

What is “dân Vinahouse”? It’s a term that refers to music producers, DJs, or people who love and have a passion for the Vinahouse genre.

What is “quẩy Vinahouse”? It means dancing in Vinahouse.

What is “Vinahey”? It’s a term commonly used by the young to refer to Vinahouse.

What’s the difference between Vinahouse and EDM

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres that are techno, house, electro house, deep house, trance, hardstyle, drum and bass, trap,… Each genre has its own character.

Meanwhile, Vinahouse is a branch of the House genre. In other words, Vinahouse is inspired by EDM but its rhythm is softer, easier to the ears, and has something more Vietnam in it.

Vinahouse now is not just a trend but it has become a part of the music industry in Vietnam. Many songs applied it and became a hit. The success of this genre has proven the talent and creativity of Vietnamese artists.

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    Thank you

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