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Hàn Market: A Shopping Paradise In The Center Of Da Nang

Han Market was built in keeping with the style of Vietnam’s traditional markets. This is not just a market but also a popular tourist attraction where visitors can sample local cuisine and shop at market stalls for various goods. Go with Danang Leisure, and explore this market!

About Hàn market

Han Market is located right on Tran Phu Street, and Bach Dang Street, which faces the Han River, is on the opposite side. Less than 2 kilometers separate you from Dragon Bridge, making the convenient location ideal for traveling.

The market opened quite early because it was a big and active business location. Smaller retailers typically arrive at Han market at 6 a.m. to focus on selling, setting up their goods, and displaying them. Han Market in Da Nang is busiest between the hours of 6:00 and 11:00 and again after 16:00 when the market is bustling with activity rather than empty.

The Han market is open from morning to night, however, to avoid missing anything exciting, you should go there before 19:00.

The first floor of Han Market, which has two floors, has vendors selling a variety of dry products and food, including sweets, fresh food, snacks, souvenirs, and handicrafts. Han Market’s second floor has a dedicated section for clothes, shoes, and costume-related accessories.

Visitors can enjoy more experiences in a large space with lots of stores and food options.

Exploring the first floor in Hàn market

You have already noticed souvenir stores near the Han market’s entrance that sell eye-catching souvenirs or handmade items made of sustainable resources. The fact that these items are made from basic materials but have attractive and fashionable designs is another important factor in why tourists adore them so much. Also, these items are good for use at the beach, right?

Straight inside, there are numerous attractive fruit jelly and dessert shops. Mango candies and meals related to mango are consistently the first choices for travelers looking to buy souvenirs due to their wide variety and suitability for a tropical climate. Also, if you’re looking for gifts for your beloved family and friends, we advise buying some classic local goods, which have a tradition of being safe choices. Some options include fish sauce, seafood, combined rice paper salad, candies, and dried foods like dried squid, dried fish, Cha Bo, etc.

Along with jellies, Da Nang and its surroundings produce a wide variety of unique desserts. Inexpensive cakes and sweets of high quality that are blended with the local indigenous population’s culture are available.

Vietnamese people frequently eat sweets and fruit with their tea, which is one of their traditions. For afternoons spent with your buddies, a few sweet and sweet fruits, vibrant colors, and beverages with scented cups of tea are ideal. A little sweetness helps to balance the tea’s bitterness. Han Market is a fantastic location to select tea, coffee, or both. It satisfies the requirements of numerous customers from numerous various countries with a variety of prices, segments, and qualities. You can find any kind of tea here!

The food and fresh fruit and vegetables area in the back normally gets little attention, yet this is where you may discover locally produced food that is tasty and reasonably priced.

Alternatively, you can try to visit the market like a Vietnamese. They get up early every day to go to the market, buy fresh products early in the day, and then come home to make delicious dishes.

What do they have on the second floor?

The style of the second floor of Han market is completely different, with close proximity between the kiosks selling clothing and footwear. There are usually clothes with the newest styles, which are fashionable and quite attractive.

The market that places the most focus on selling goods to tourists is the Han market. From colorful, tropical clothing to sportswear or ao dai, traditional Vietnamese costume.

One characteristic of Vietnamese people is their enjoyment of wearing brightly colored clothing that is decorated with tropical and summery elements like fruits, coconuts, and the sea.

Ao Dai is one of the most interesting stalls in this area. Ao Dai, the traditional clothing of the Vietnamese people, appears to be a favorite among many foreign visitors, particularly those from Korea. Ao dai in a variety of traditional and modern forms. There are also a variety of colors ao dai, going from vibrant to warm, simple to complicated. Also, various textiles have different feels. Ao Dai appears straightforward, but picking out a favorite and stunning clothing for yourself takes some skill.

The unique aspect is that, while being somewhat older, the small businesses I see here all speak both English and Korean fairly well. So, do not be shy if you want to ask anything or want to buy some clothes here.

Markets have numerous uses that go beyond simple exchange and trading. Also, this is where a nation’s culture and customs come together. When in Da Nang, take the time to visit the Han market!

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