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Hunting the best sunset scene in Da Nang

Watching the sunset is a beautiful and fascinating hobby that young people are becoming more interested in. Finding a quiet area to spend a peaceful afternoon is great after a busy day. Where can you get a good view of the sunset in the center of the busy and bustling city of Da Nang? Look at the locations listed below!

Sunset season in Da Nang

Da Nang is a coastal city with mountains, plains, and a pass between high mountains on one side, and the beautiful Son Tra peninsula on the other. Da Nang will therefore have several locations where you can enjoy the sunset and see both the mountains and the sea, as well as the forest and the river, all at once.

Every year, from April to August, right in the middle of the summer, when that time of year is also My Khe beach’s most gorgeous, is perhaps the best for seeing the city’s sunsets. The sky is still blue during the day, and clouds are gathering in the distance above the Bach Ma mountain range. The weather is quite lovely. The clouds turned into a variety of unique colors in the late afternoon as the sun slowly dipped behind the summit of Hai Van Pass. As a result, this is the time of year when the entire city can experience several unique types of sunsets.

1. Thuận Phước Bridge

Although there are other locations around where you can relax and watch the sunset without being bothered, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is undoubtedly the location that sunset lovers choose. The location near the foot of the bridge receives the most visitors, including the area on the bridge. Both are stunning in their own right and are perfect places to relax and take in the sunset.

Sitting on the embankment in front of the Golden Bay hotel at the base of the Thuan Phuoc bridge is common. The embankment stretches from the Tien Sa harbor to a location not far from the Han River bridge. In front of the river, and far away, the Bach Ma range, you can see the entire shape of the lovely Thuan Phuoc bridge from this location. Tien Sa harbor is on the left, and the city center is on the right. The riverbank is typically quiet, without horns or other noise, in contrast to the busy, chaotic surroundings as people rush to finish their work before dusk.

You can pull up near the curb and sit on the sidewalk on the Thuan Phuoc bridge. If the Han River can be seen from the bridge’s foot, then the scene of the river flowing into the sea may be seen from the bridge itself. Zoom in to see the overlapping mountains of the Hai Van range. The afternoon sky is also quite stunning. The panoramic view of Da Nang city is also visible from the other side of the bridge. The afternoon poured in, covering the city and the structure like they were both wearing a yellow coat.

2. Hải Vân Pass

Going up to Hai Van Quan is a terrific idea because there is a lawn above the old blockhouse that looks out over the water in Lang Co – Hue. Visitors may completely appreciate the view of the forest, the sea, the river, and the winding roads leading to Hue from the summit of Hai Van.

The splendor of the setting sun was not obscured as the clouds quickly dropped and flowed at the foot of the pass in the late afternoon.

The clouds soon passed over the top of my head as we lay on the grass, listening to the wind blowing in my ears, light mists gliding over my skin, and the afternoon chill. The sun sets behind the pine trees and goes beyond the summit of the mountain, but it still leaves some traces, softening and calming the color of the sea.

3. Green Lake, Bãi Cháy – Sơn Trà Penninsula

Green Lake is situated on the Bai But-Son Tra peninsula. Because it has not been exploited by tourists, Green Lake has a wild and natural appearance. As a result, this is the perfect location for wedding photos of couples. The grass known as Bai Chay is found above Green Lake. The city can be seen well from here at sunrise or sunset, as well as at night.

Looking at the West when ascending Bai Chay’s steep stone steps reveals the Man Thai -Tho Quan coastline. Thuan Phuoc Bridge and Hai Van Pass are further away. Bai Chay is a good option for afternoon picnics with friends to watch the sunset because it is not too far away and is not too high up.

You may hide from the world in Bai Chay by lying on the grass and admiring the sky or the blue sea. You may observe Son Tra’s tranquil surroundings while also taking in the distant city’s activity from this location.

4. Han Riverbank

There is no need to travel far—the Han River is an excellent location for viewing the sunset.

In the afternoon, you may see the Han River shimmering with the last rays of the day by just strolling along both banks of the river. The sun is still struggling to pierce Bach Dang Street’s buildings in order to reach the ground when you run up on the Han River Bridge or the Dragon Bridge and look west.

Love Bridge, which is situated nearby to Dragon Bridge on the east bank of the Han River, is yet another stunning spot. Because there is still some sunshine on the opposite side of the river when it is dark, the lanterns begin to light up, making the bridge of love more sparkling and romantic. You may observe the serene city in this location.

In Da Nang, summer is not just the time of year for the beach, but also for a lot of other wonderful things. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take in the sunset, which is Da Nang’s final gift of the day and a serene, romantic moment.

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