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Summer is currently studying and living in Vietnam. She watches a lot, talks a lot, walks a lot, tweets a lot, and cares a lot.

Straight to the heart of Vietnam- first direct flight from Manila arrives in Da Nang City

No more connecting flights! Visiting Da Nang from the Philippines is easier now with Cebu Pacific Air’s new direct route from Manila. Cebu Pacific Air,...

Trying Out The Banging Crispy Pork Belly “Bánh Mì” of “Ông Phú Đạt” in Da Nang

When you first land in Vietnam, the images of the famous noodle soup, phở, and the appetizing sandwich, bánh mì, will greet you in...

Trying Out “Chè Chuối Nướng”: My New Dessert Of Choice

Vietnamese cuisine is famous around the world. Vietnamese noodle dishes, rice paper dishes, and coffee are just some of the iconic food items from...

WTF Da Nang! Where’s the fun in Da Nang?

Being located in the middle of Vietnam is what makes Da Nang City an ideal place for living and vacation. This city in the...

Da Nang City adds a day to Dragon Bridge’s famous fire show

In an effort to boost tourism activities in Da Nang city, the official tourism organization Da Nang FantastiCity has alerted the general public about...

Living in Da Nang City: A beginner’s guide

Whenever Vietnam comes to mind, people immediately associate it with Saigon, now named Ho Chi Minh City, located in the Southern part of the...

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