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Makara – A Unique Champa and Vietnamese Culture-Inspired Tropical Cocktail Bar in Da Nang

Are you tired of noisy bars with long lines of people dancing? Do you crave a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for your nightlife experience in Da Nang? Look no further than MAKARA Bar, a craft cocktail bar inspired by the vibrant Vietnamese culture, more specifically the Champa culture. When you visit this place, you can indulge in a speakeasy atmosphere, exotic cocktails, good music, and exceptional service while also immersing yourself in the fascinating cultural stories depicted through the architecture and artisanal decorations.

Unique Design Arouses Visitors’ Curiosity

What prompted my friend and I to come to MAKARA Bar was the phrase “Original TikiViet” in the bar’s description. Apparently this is the first bar in Vietnam to fully integrate the traditional tiki-bar concept with Vietnamese style.

It wasn’t difficult for us to find our way to this bar, which is only a five-minute drive away from the Dragon Bridge. As we stepped inside, we were transported to a world where reality and fantasy seamlessly blended together. The interior is a stunning combination of intricate decor and custom furniture from Vietnamese natural materials. What impressed me the most was the wall at the bar counter designed in the shape of three iconic Champa archways, all handcrafted entirely of bamboo.

The main bar exudes a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, with dominant hues of red, orange, and yellow. Shimmering conical-hat-shaped silk chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and Champa style fan-shaped wall lights cast a warm radiance that enhanced the mysterious features of the majestic terracotta sculpture on the wall.

Irresistible Tropical Cocktail Flavors You Can’t Resist

After we settled in the ideal seats, the staff quickly came to recommend the bar’s house cocktails to suit our preferences. The artful menu is easy to read and not cluttered with too many offerings. There are some rum-based cocktails with interesting names such as Ms. Mai’s Mai – Tai, Naughty Money, Xombi Zombie, and Bot Ly Son – all at reasonable prices. Moreover, they offer mocktails, alcohol-free mixed drinks, for those who don’t like spirits but still want to enjoy the fun.

We chose the Turtle Tower and The Sea Remembers for our first drinks. We were really impressed by the appearance of the ceramic mugs. With the Turtle Tower cocktail, it’s in an hexagonal mug with turtle shapes on the sides inspired by the turtle in Hoan Kiem Lake, a Vietnamese mythical symbol. This tantalizing tropical drink beautifully blends the essence of gin, the tanginess of passion fruit, the sweetness of orange, and a special spice mix.

The Sea Remembers offers a captivating and unique flavor profile that balances the richness of scotch with the sweetness and pungency of orange and pomegranate. What we liked most about the cocktails was the finish . It is particularly pleasant due to the aroma of exotic herbs. Each sip was like taking a journey through the cosmos, with the flavors dancing across the palate like twinkling constellations.

Sharing Stories Help Bring People Closer

As we sipped on our cocktails and listened to the music, we had the chance to chat with the owner, Mark Boone. It was surprising to learn that he is actually American. We had assumed that an Asian operated the bar due to the impressive Vietnamese decor. Mark has been living in Vietnam for five years and has had the opportunity to immerse himself in the local culture.

Mark was impressed by the diversity and beautry of Vietnamese culture everywhere he traveled. He wanted to utilize his understanding of tropical mixology to create a unique blend from it. He invested significant effort into researching and designing this concept from the initial stages.

We inquired about the reasoning behind the bar’s name. He explained that in Champa culture the Makara is a mythical sea creature, the gatekeeper of temples, and possesses the ability to provide water for a prosperous harvest. With a warm smile, he showed us the terracotta sculpture of Makara hanging on the wall over the door, and said he hoped this symbol would bring good luck to his bar and its patrons.

Excellent Customer Service Is Key

Makara places a high value on customer service. When we entered the bar, the staff greeted us with genuine warmth and attentiveness. They treated us like close friends, which made us feel welcome and appreciated. During the evening, the staff took it upon themselves to refill our glasses with water and attended to our needs without prompting. They were eager to suggest customized drink options when we needed clarification about our preferences for cocktails. Thanks to their enthusiasm, we were able to enjoy drinks that perfectly matched our tastes and had a delightful experience. In sum, MAKARA Bar is the ultimate destination for individuals seeking a cozy atmosphere to share stories and have close conversations. It’s a place you should not miss when you visit Da Nang. With fantastic cocktails, mesmerizing design, and the ineffable sense of wonder and joy that the staff attentively offers, you cannot resist this charming establishment.

Makara Information:
Address: 162a Nguyen Chi Thanh, Da Nang, Vietnam
Tel: 090 199 12 55
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makarabar1
Opening: 7PM – 1AM

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